Vasile Goldner July 18, 1913 - March 1, 2013

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Vasile Goldner
1932-1938 law student in Cluj.
1937-1940 he lived with his parents in Satu-Mare and worked as a clerk in a law firm and notary. Even the fascist Romanian government refused him admission as a lawyer. In 1937 he was Romanian soldier and repeatedly drawn.
In 1944 he was with father, mother and sister moved to the ghetto and from there a month later deported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp (03/06/1944), among the few belongings that were taken from them, were money, jewelry and documents, eg 35 pieces old Hungarian gold crowns and paper money in forints. After selection, he lost his parents and sister in mind. A week later he was deported together with other 500 prisoners, and within three days the city of Hirschberg and from there to Boleslawiec (today Boneslavice / Poland) brought. There he worked as an electrician and had to partially repair old tanks toughest conditions. The concentration camp was Hubert Country Holzindustie Bunzlau and had 1100 prisoners.
After a further selection on 10.02.1945, he remained in the camp and was Bunzlau other free (330) prisoners on 11.01.1945 by the Red Army. In the Russian zone, he was first in quarantine: Lignitz, Katowice, Chernivtsi and in Belarus (Sluck) near Minsk. End of August 1945 the Russians transported him from there back to Romania. Parents' house had been formerly of the Hungarian fascist authorities and by the Gestapo and totally robbed and destroyed. Many assets, such as oil paintings, violin, piano, furniture, etc. were lost.

Father: Albert Goldner, mathematicians, finance officer (1883-1944)
  • 1900-1918 Austria-Hungary lieutenant in the 1st World war
  • 1918-1931 Romanian citizen. Lived and worked in Bistriz, Deva, Bozovics, Banat, Halmi, Seini.
  • 1924-1934 with his family residing Satu-Mare
  • 1931-1936 in Cluj (Kolozsvár)
  • 1936-1944 in Satu-Mare (Szatmárnémeti)
  • Deported in 1944, with 61 due to illness (lateral sclerosis), and disability to the death camp.
Mother: Leontina Goldner (born Löbb, 1887-1944) destroyed at Auschwitz.

Sister: Irén Goldner (married to Ernest (Erno) Rothschild, 1907-1944)
  • Born in Bozovics (Banat), then Austria-Hungary.
  • Dental Technician, crafts and music student, seamstress.
  • A witness from Romania from destruction (Fall 1944) talked to her. The witness later lived in Mannheim.
Wife: Irina Rapaport (born 09/23/1916 - died 04/01/1989 Rishon Le Zion in Israel) with their parents:
  • Father: Samuil Rapaport (b. 1875) Occupation: Tailor
  • Mother: Róza Leitner (b. 1883)
  • Sister Helen Rapaport (born 1907)
  • Brother: Izidor Rapaport (b. 1911)
  • Granddaughters: Anna Brown (born 1934), Anna Rapaport (born 1940), deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau in May 1944 and destroyed there, only Irina Rapaport survived the Holocaust (forced labor in a munitions factory in Sutthoff)
After 1945:
Marriage to Irina Rapaport on 25/01/1949.
Birth of daughter Lya Goldner on 8/31/1955 in Satu Mare.

1984 emigration to Israel.
1989 death of the wife and daughter to the relocation to Germany

Lived with his daughter's family in Kirchzarten (Germany) since 1989.
Died in 2013.
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